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5 Things not to do or say in China

5 Things not to do or say in China

1.Chopstick etiquette

Don’t place chopsticks inside the bowl. Instead, place the chopsticks on top of the bowl. Definitely don’t stick your chopsticks straight up in your food.

 vintage cartoon woman with gift

2. Refusing to accept a gift a few times is polite

If you’re offered a gift, refuse to take it a coupe of times before accepting it.

fistful of money

3.Tipping is a practice that is not observed

In China Cab drivers, restaurant staff, do not expect to be tipped and could even be offended if offered extra money.

China children

4. Don’t use a red pen 

Never write things with a red pen. It symbolises protest or severe criticism.

red pen

5. Don’t Touch People’s Heads

In China the head is considered sacred. A touch could be considered disrespectful.
red pen





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