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10688NAT – Diploma of TESOL

Price $2,975

Looking for the competitive edge in Australian and overseas ESL employment? Enrol in 10688NAT – Diploma of TESOL and get the very best in TESOL training. This nationally accredited Diploma includes a 20 hour teaching practicum equipping you to professionally teach English as a Second Language in a wide range of fields including: EAP, ESP, ESL Assessment.

Looking for the competitive edge in Australian and overseas ESL employment? Enrol in 10688NAT – Diploma of TESOL and get the very best in TESOL training. This nationally accredited Diploma includes a 20 hour teaching practicum equipping you to professionally teach English as a Second Language in a wide range of fields including: EAP, ESP, ESL Assessment.

*Please note: required qualifications & experience may vary between education institutions

With this qualification you will also gain a direct pathway, with credit, towards a Master of Education (TESOL).

Course Curriculum: 14 Units (clustered)
Nominal Study Hours: 1300 hours
Teaching Practicum: 20 hour placement, 10 hours observation & 10 hours practice teaching
Qualification awarded: 10688NAT – Diploma of TESOL

The price of this Diploma course is all inclusive and provides you with all the resources and tools you will need:

  • All materials downloadable in Word, PDF format
  • Unlimited trainer support
  • Fully organised practicum that is completely compliant with ELICOS/ASQA/ NEAS standards
  • Beautifully printed certificate posted to your address (both in Australia and overseas)
  • Job support* includes guaranteed interview for teaching Online

Payment options

For those finding it difficult to pay the full amount upfront contact for more information.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) leverages your previous studies and experience to give you a reduced study load.

To determine whether your particular qualifications and/or experience are applicable, email and request an RPL pack.

Funding options

This course may be funded in full or part by a Job Agency, Government or Private organization (Disability, Military, Voluntary…) check with any organization you are associated with.

Course delivery and timing

The 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL is offered Online with:

  • Personalised training, online support with a fully qualified and experienced TESOL professional
  • Any location – study in the comfort of your own home or a chosen location
  • Commencement – no set start dates or intake, begin whenever YOU want
  • Self-paced study – accelerate your study or take your time.
  • Up to 2 1/2 years completion time
  • Full-time 18 months allowing 15-20 hrs per week
  • Part-time 30 months allowing 10 – 12 hrs per week

How our unique online learning works

  1. You will receive an email with login details for the Learning Portal
  2. You will have access to all course materials, training videos & assessments
  3. You will work through your downloadable assessments (allowing you to work offline as well as online)
  4. You will submit your assessment document through the Learning Portal
  5. Your trainer will mark your assessment and email you feedback
  6. If there are still some areas that are ‘Not Yet Competent’, your trainer will give you guidance in what is required to complete the task

Start date

There are no intakes, semesters or start dates.
When you are ready to start, simply click the button below


Your practicum, your way.

The 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL comes with a 10 hr teaching observation and a 10 hr teaching practice, to prepare you in your ESL teaching role.

As part of your online theory training, you will have the option of completing the 10 hr teaching observation through guided videos to prepare you for your 10 hr teaching practice.

The 10 hr teaching practice is then completed with 5 or more English as a Second Language learners (International students/migrants) in an in-class setting.

To complete the 10 hr teaching practice you can choose one of the following options:

1. Free: Self-arranged 10 hr teaching practice at an ESL school, TAFE or migrant/community centre observed by a qualified TESOL teacher (support provided in how to find and arrange your own teaching practicum). [drop down feature stating ‘More info’ (This may be your own workplace with ESL students or find a school willing to allow you to do the practice teaching free. Qualified TESOL teacher – ELICOS standards – degree any field, Cert IV in TESOL or higher TESOL qualification)

2. Pay an additional $250 fee for assessment of your own self-arranged video recorded 10 hr teaching practice (support given in how to set up and conduct the lessons). [drop down with ‘More info’] (click here for practicum brochure explaining how to set up and conduct your own practicum lessons)

3. Pay an additional $550 fee for an arranged Practicum experience: This fee is payable after completion of your theory units or prior to the start of the Practicum (whichever comes first). [Drop down stating ‘More info’] (This fee covers arrangements made with institutions or supervisors who make it possible for you to gain access to their time, facilities and students. A very professional addition to your resume which can pay off in the long run when applying for teaching positions.

Don’t be caught out completing a cheaper TESOL course only to find that there is no additional practicum option provided and that, you cannot graduate until you complete a practicum. Or, complete a practicum that does not meet NEAS/ELICOS standards, which may result in ELICOS schools not accepting your qualification.

NEAS contact for practicum standards: 1300 76 44 45.

Job prospects

TESOL teaching will take you to and allow you to work in far more places than just about any other job on the planet. There is a lot of variety in the type of work you can do once you start your career as a TESOL teacher.

TESOL teaching work is available all year round and the demand for teachers in China and other Asian countries is huge constantly expanding. In Europe and South America there is a consistent need for TESOL teachers as well as in the Middle East.

The demand for Online TESOL teachers is increasing rapidly with new online schools starting up almost daily around the globe.

In Australia ESL work is available in all cities and major regional areas. Anywhere, where you find universities and TAFE colleges with international students there will be a need for TESOL teachers. If you are looking for an in-demand job then TESOL teaching is for you!

The countries and positions that you can work in with the 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL will vary depending on your additional education outside of the course.

See ‘Job prospects’ below for a non-exhaustive list:

  • Online (anywhere)
  • Australia (short study tours & private tutoring)
  • Japan (if under 30)
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Bolivia
  • Italy (Need EU passport)
  • France (Need EU Passport)
  • Spain (Need EU passport
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Yugoslavia
  • Turkey (if you have citizenship)
  • Online (anywhere)
  • Australia (short study tours & private tutoring)
  • Japan (any age)
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Belize (6-12 month commitment)
  • Costa Rica (6-12 month commitment)
  • El Salvador (6-12 month commitment)
  • Guatemala (6-12 month commitment)
  • Honduras (6-12 month commitment)
  • Nicaragua (6-12 month commitment)
  • Panama (6-12 month commitment)
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Holland
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Dubai
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Morocco
  • Turkey (don’t need degree if you have citizenship)
  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • America

The 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL will qualify you to teach in the following TESOL fields

  • All levels within General English (GE)
  • Test preparation: IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL etc. (We do recommend completing the International IELTS Teacher training course if you are wanting to specialise in this field)
  • Business English
  • Teaching Adults
  • Teaching Children
  • Teaching online
  • Tutoring
  • Teaching in TAFE (A Bachelor’s degree plus Certificate IV in Training & Assessment may be required)
  • ESL assistant teacher in government schools (may need Certificate III in Education support) (For full time work in Victoria see your local schools for more info)

*This course teaches you how to tailor programs to suit a specific purpose for English use (e.g. business, nursing, tourism, etc).
Graduates with existing qualifications or experience Graduates with no existing qualifications or experience:
In addition to the above outcomes a Diploma of TESOL graduate who also holds a Tertiary level degree can apply for work in the following capacities:

  • – Teaching English at a National ELT (English Language Teaching) Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) accredited training centre in Australia (see below Vocational Outcomes within Australia for more information)
  • – Developing English language programs, especially in conjunction with teaching, at an Australian or overseas language school
  • – Acting in a supervisory capacity at an Australian language school
  • – Teaching in overseas institutions in higher level positions where a university degree is required or preferred in addition to a TESOL qualification

Some potential employment opportunities involving the delivery of accredited English Courses in Australia may only be possible where the graduate also holds a Vocational Education teaching qualification such as the Certificate IV in Training and Education (TAE40110) – or equivalent.

Graduates who complete the Diploma and do not have any additional qualifications (in any area of training/education) or experience may find employment in a variety of capacities including the following:

  • – Teaching and/or coordinating English programs to groups of students visiting Australia on short to medium term study or English focus tours
  • – Teaching a variety of English language programs in Australian language schools where a higher education degree is not required
  • – Teaching migrants for the development of general English skills
  • – Developing English language programs for individual or small groups of overseas students on a tutorial basis (to support existing studies, e.g. at University level)
  • – Developing English language programs and/or teaching in overseas institutions not governed by Australian standards

Career Pathways

Step 1

Certificate IV in TESOL – ESL/ELICOS teacher (Direct Credit into Diploma of TESOL)

Step 2

Diploma of TESOL – Head teacher ESL/ELICOS centre (Direct Credit into Master of TESOL)

Step 3

Master of TESOL – Academic Manager ESL/ELICOS centre

*Qualification and experience requirements may vary between education institutions and countries

Materials and content


Upon completion of this course you will receive a beautifully printed certificate and Academic Transcript sent to your chosen address.

The certificate is a fully accredited 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


This course will be conducted via the LTi Learning Portal.

All assessments, guidebooks and forms will be provided in Microsoft Word and pdf format. (use open (free) if you do not use Microsoft Office).

We support and use both Mac and PC computers.


The 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL course content has been created by LTi with passion through a collaboration of experienced TESOL professionals who have worked in the industry both in Australia and overseas.

Frustrated that many TESOL courses and training does not meet TESOL industry needs for ESL/ELICOS/NEAS accredited schools in Australia, TESOL Australia consulted with industry professionals on the ground including Academic Managers and owners of of ESL/ELICOS schools in Australia to determine the most up-to-date types of assessment and resources that would be required to accurately reflect the curriculum, syllabus, teaching techniques and resources currently used in ESL teaching in Australia while still being relevant for teaching overseas and as a result now offer LTi TESOL 10695NAT Certificate IV and the 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL.

Great care has been taken to offer a course that ensures:

  • All content meets the qualification and standard requirements (ASQA/NEAS/ELICOS)
  • All content is relevant to ESL in Australia
  • All resources included are ‘authentic’ materials currently used in actual Australian ESL/ELICOS schools to ensure you are up-to-date with current teaching
  • Excerpts included from published ESL teaching course books to help you prepare for the ‘real’ classroom
  • The teaching practicum is conducted in a ‘real’ ESL teaching environment by TESOL professionals


Through completion of this unit you will be able to understand the relationships between language and culture, language and learning. It addresses the impact these dynamics have on the ESL classroom, and applications within ESL teaching.

Analyse the English Language gives an understanding of the functional nature of the English language. Study of this unit also provides knowledge on the language choices that are associated with a variety of social or functional purposes. In addition, this unit also provides basic knowledge of TESOL methodology and the application to specific learning goals.

This unit comprehensively addresses specific aspects of English grammar. You will gain knowledge of the practical techniques required to familiarise ESL students with a variety of grammatical concepts.

Through completion of this unit you will be able to understand the sound-spelling relationships in English. You will also learn how to apply techniques required to teach and spelling and pronunciation.

Teach speaking explores the functional nature of spoken language use. You will learn practical techniques required for developing the spoken English skills of ESL learners.

This unit assist you to understand and apply practical techniques required to develop listening skills and strategies.

Through completion of this unit you will be able to understand and apply the practical techniques for developing the skill to read a range of authentic or published texts.

In the unit teach writing you will undertake analysis of written texts. You will also learn the practical techniques required to plan lessons that will develop writing skills for specific text types.

Developing resource files will show you how to apply the practical techniques required to organise materials and/or resources around grammar points, topics, levels and communicative functions.

This unit will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various TESOL methodologies. It will teach you how to select and apply appropriate methodologies in response to various language learning goals and situations.

This unit will enable you to plan and implement a series of lessons for individuals in a group ESL learning environment. It addresses the practical techniques required to analyse ESL training requirements, design ESL learning and assessment strategies, develop a cohesive series of lessons, develop a syllabus plan and evaluate syllabuses.

Through completion of this unit you will understand various ESL proficiency tests and the role of assessment in the learning process. You will able be able to select and design assessment tools appropriate to learning outcomes. You will learn how to apply the practical techniques required to evaluate learning in an ESL context.

This unit is designed to prepare you for teaching English for academic purposes. It focuses on the range of language skills necessary for successful studies in academic contexts, and activities for developing those skills. It also applies the approach to breaking down tasks involving language (introduced in Language Analysis), to identify aspects of language that will need development in order to complete a task successfully.

Through completion of this unit you will be able to assist with the development of skills to successfully study a variety of specific English language contexts. You will learn the practical techniques required to break down tasks involving language and to identify aspects of language that will need development. You will also learn to apply syllabus design techniques to create learning programs based around specific purposes.

This unique practical placement provides you with 10 hours of observation of teaching strategies, techniques in a ‘real’ classroom context to prepare you for your 10 hrs of practical teaching which meets all NEAS/CRICOS/ELICOS/ASQA standards.

Other TESOL course providers offer the 10688NAT Diploma in TESOL course code, but charge a different price for their course. Why and how is TESOL Australia different?

A course code like the 10688NAT refers to the accredited course that is used to develop the training. The accredited course outlines what information Units, Elements and Performance criteria must be trained and assessed in order for the course to be accredited.

All providers of this course must follow the accredited course document. The training package however, does not include the additional resources, materials, local and international industry knowledge or job support network that TESOL Australia provides along with the accredited course.

So how exactly is signing up through TESOL Australia to complete the 10688NAT Diploma of TESOL a bigger advantage than signing up through another course provider?

  • Training: you will have access to additional training videos, teaching observation videos, webinars and activities
  • Materials: you will have access to additional teaching materials, resources and lesson plans to use in your own ESL classes
  • Information: you will have access to industry professionals at TESOL Australia to give you up-to-date information on ESL/ELICOS/NEAS/CRICOS requirements for teaching in Australia as well as, to answer your questions on teaching overseas and online
  • Job support: you will have a guaranteed Online teaching ‘job interview’ on completion of your course as well as, job support for teaching in Australia and overseas


Sound ability in written and spoken English is necessary to be accepted into and complete this Certificate IV level, LTi TESOL course. You will need to provide one of the following forms of evidence. If you are unable to provide evidence of English proficiency, please contact or call 07 3806 4802 to discuss available options (entry test/phone interview).

Evidence of English proficiency examples (one of the following):

  • Successfully completed year 12 English or achieved a very high level completion of year 10 English
  • Completed a Certificate III or higher qualification (in English in Australian Qualifications Framework)
  • Enrolled in or completed any level university studies (in English)
  • IELTS score of 6 or higher (international students)


Assessment is structured with a series of tasks that address the various aspects of each unit. Your trainer will give you guidance on how to complete assessment tasks and provide you with feedback throughout the course.

All assessments must be submitted via the LTi TESOL Online Student System, unless a special exemption has been applied.

Assessment is competency based which means that you will be graded as ‘competent’ (C) or ‘not yet competent’ (NYC). If you receive a NYC grade for a unit, you will be given another opportunity for reassessment and provided with specific feedback on the areas needing improvement. You will need to be assessed as competent in all of the assessment tasks in order to be awarded your qualification.

Payment and Refund Policy

LTi payment and refund policy states: there is no refund for any payment once it is made. If payment is through a payment plan you can withdraw at anytime without making further payment. A certificate will not be issued until all payments have been made.

Payment is $1,500 upfront at commencement followed a monthly direct debit payment plan. Practicum payments are made once all theory units have been completed and at time of Practicum booking see ‘Practicum’ section above for options and fees.

Student Handbook

Students are required to read the UNET (Universal Education and Training Ltd) Student Handbook prior to enrollment.

Click here to download and read the Student Handbook.

UNET Student handbook

If you have any questions about the Handbook or Policies and Procedures in the Handbook contact or 07 3806 4802 anytime.