International IELTS Teaching Certificate

International IELTS Teaching Certificate

(International English Language Testing System)

$1,575 (Now $1,275 - Save $300 - April Only)

The IELTS Teaching Certificate is for those wanting to upgrade their ESL teaching to the next level by specialising in teaching preparation for language proficiency. This will increase both employability and earning potential exponentially in Australia and overseas.

Millions of ESL students worldwide undertake the IELTS as evidence of English language proficiency yearly (over 2.5 million tests were taken globally, last year alone) to communicate in English for further education, immigration, work and professional accreditation.

This IELTS training is second to none and developed through extensive research, teaching experience, feedback from IELTS students and school/employer IELTS professionals. It covers not only the four testing skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also explicit test knowledge of the speaking and writing bands with conversion and task development for listening and reading.

In this course unique training is given on how to administer mock tests and calculate approximate band scores in all four test areas. This scoring knowledge will enable you to analyse your ESL students mock test results and abilities accurately according to IELTS band criteria and then, provide them with detailed feedback by way of a professional report (template provided).

Training will then be given in developing strategic lessons to bridge the gap between a student’s current scores and the scores the student must achieve.

Teaching observation and practicum is included in this training, you will, observe online IELTS classes (min 3 hrs, no max) and develop lessons to deliver online while being observed and assessed (min 3 hrs). In addition, you will do a minimum of 7 hrs marking of IELTS mock tests and reports.

This practical training will give you the experience and expertise to design and deliver professional IELTS lessons making you a highly sought after teaching professional.

In this course you will learn how to develop your own IELTS classes, market yourself to students and deliver or privately tutor (online & in-class IELTS), effectively training you in how to open your own IELTS non-accredited private school.

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Course Curriculum

Nominal Study Hours:

120 hours

Teaching Practicum:

10 hours


$1,575 (Now $1,275 – Save $300 – April Only)

Qualification: Internationally recognized and accepted (Not – ASQA/nationally accredited).

Unit Descriptors

Unit 1: IELTS Introduction

  • Introduction to IELTS
  • Overview of the IELTS test
  • The IELTS Listening test
  • The IELTS Speaking test
  • The IELTS Reading test
  • The IELTS Writing test

Unit 2: IELTS Conversion Analysis

  • In-depth analysis of the IELTS Speaking bands
  • In-depth analysis of the IELTS Writing bands
  • Marking mock IELTS Writing tests
  • Marking mock IELTS Speaking tests
  • Conversion of the IELTS Listening test
  • Conversion of the IELTS Reading test
  • Ten (10) hours of Teaching Practicum, consisting:
  • Administer full IELTS mock test to an international student
  • Mock speaking test assessed
  • Assessing and reporting students full test results
  • Development of individualised student study plans

Unit 3: Business Development

  • How to start an IELTS Teaching business
  • How to market your IELTS teaching business
  • How to develop IELTS lessons
  • How to develop resources for teaching IELTS


  • 120 Nominal Study Hours

How is the IELTS Teaching Certificate completed?

You will be assigned your own fully qualified, experienced IELTS trainer to give you specific one on one training sessions, facilitate your teaching observation and practicum and give you support (via GoToMeeting online & SMS 10am – 10pm 7 days a week).

As you begin each of the 3 Units, your trainer will arrange a GoToMeeting session to explain, demonstrate and give you training on how to complete each of the unit tasks. You have the option to email in each task to be checked or the completed unit for marking. There is no cut off point for marking, we are here to help you achieve your academic goals.

No need to attend any in-class sessions, this course is fully completed online.

Job Opportunities

IELTS Teaching Options in Australia and Overseas

  • Teach Classes
  • Tutor Privately
  • Teach Online
  • Run your own IELTS Teaching Business