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Linking Q&A

Teacher comments: This is a whole class interactive grammar activity with question and answer cards. Everyone will have a go at identifying correct answers, reading answers and questions out loud. Make sure you use up all cards to link the thread. This means that all students receive at least one card until all cards have been given out. The student who is holding the card with the correct answer will have to identify it and read the answer out loud. Then it will be his/her turn to read the question on the card. Some students may have more than one card. This is due to the fact that the thread has to keep going. Try to make sure that those students who are most confident will get multiple cards (if any are left).

All students will have to participate and concentrate as they don’t know when the question comes up with the answer on THEIR card. 

When you create your own cards you can use any grammar point and level of students’ knowledge. The possibilities are endless. Just remember to keep it interesting.

Teacher resources: Prepared cards with questions and answers. See teacher instructions below.

Teacher instructions: Prepare questions on cards and make sure that only one answer is correct which is written on another card followed by a question. So you will have cards with one answer and one question. You can type out your questions and answers and laminate on A4. Then cut out to small sizes. You will have a great resource to keep.

TIP: Before you cut up the (laminated) A4 into small cards make a copy. Sometimes students do not recognise it is their turn. You may have to prompt them and ask; ‘Who has got, e.g. My dog is called Woof’. Soon you will find the student holding the correct card to read out the answer and the new question.

Instruct the first student to only read out the question on his/her card.

At the end of the game you can shuffle the cards and re-distribute. Students will become more confident as they repeat the activity.  



Card 1

Answer: My birthday is today.

Question: You have a dog. What is his name?

Card 2

Answer: My dog is called Woof.

Question: I am hungry. What do I need?

Card 3

Answer: You need food.

Question: When will dinner be ready?

Card 4

Answer: Dinner will be ready at 6.

Question: Will you come to the cinema with me?

Card 5

Answer: I would love to go to the movies.

Question: You look a bit pale. Are you tired?

Card 6

Answer: I feel very tired. (you can put challenges in such as; I feel exhausted)

Question: Where is your house?

Card 7

Answer: My house is up on the hill.

Question: How many rooms are there in your house?

Card 8

Answer: There are five rooms in my house.

Question:  When is your birthday?


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    • Pam Cramond
    • January 13, 2017

    Linked Question and Answer
    With this exercise, students have to understand the question asked, read what is on their card and decide whether their card answers the question. They then have to volunteer the answer and read out their question for the next person to answer. If all of the questions and answers use the grammatical construct being taught, this reinforces the lesson and allows the students to read and speak in English and think about the use of grammar in a fairly non-threatening way. Every student gets a chance to answer a question and ask one.

    • Elizabeth Young
    • January 18, 2017

    This activity can be adapted to any ESL level and any topic. Moreover, it promotes active listening and reading skills – combined with fluency to recognize the correct response in a timely fashion.
    This activity could be further adapted to an ‘extension activity’ such as adding in singular more complex vocabulary for higher ESL levels to encourage them to work out the meaning by understanding the context of the sentence and/or to activities such as recognizing synonyms or antonyms.

    • Dianne
    • January 23, 2017

    This is a great game that would work, as you say, with any level and for many different language functions. I like, too, that everyone has to pay attention to all the questions in case the answer is on their card. I’d love to try it with elementary students using some basis grammar questions. Thanks very much!

    • Yuliya Snoxall
    • February 6, 2017

    This activity ensures 100% participation, utilising listening and reading skills alongside grammar practice. It also delivers examples of correct use of grammatical structures and vocabulary. This exercise can be used both as a revision tool, and an introduction to new grammar or vocabulary.

    • Heidi
    • February 16, 2017

    ‘Linking Q & A’ is a great activity for the ESL classroom. It is an activity that maximizes participation levels and also requires great concentration and listening skills. It creates an opportunity for students to interact in a class group and have fun. Also depending on the grammar point or level of students, the questions can be changed to suit the appropriate level or topic.

  1. ‘Linking Q&A’ is a great game because it is interactive and must be inclusive of everyone involved. It is a versatile game as it can be used to practice any language function and can be pitched at any level. It requires all students to practice listening, reading and speaking skills. I especially like the element of chance to this game; students don’t know when it will be their turn so they must actively listen to what others say at all times and be ready to participate. It can provide students with opportunities to both ask and answer questions.

  2. Linking Q&A is an activity that requires 100% concentration and whole class participation. It promotes listening, speaking and reading skills and can be adapted to any ESL level and any topic. Whilst offering topic revision in an interactive and fun manner it also acts an evaluation tool for the teacher.
    If time permitted this activity could incorporate writing skills – for example, a student could volunteer to write their question on the board for the class to answer out loud….the first student to answer correctly is offered the next turn at the board.
    This is an excellent activity for classes with older aged students.

    • Wendy Jones
    • April 12, 2017

    Linking Q&A activity has a lot of positive aspects to it and can be structured to suit particular needs, levels and points of learning. The activity could be: used as an ice breaker, have a particular topic that all Q&As are centred around, written to illustrate a particular tense or follow up a lesson that has just been taught. Students must concentrate and listen carefully for their question then read both answer and question out loud therefore practising listening, reading and speaking skills. As a group or in pairs students could write their own Q&A cards and run the activity with the rest of the group, thus extending the activity to include writing.
    I think this is a great activity with lots of scope.

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