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Our Certificate IV in TESOL is all inclusive and provides you with everything you need:

  • All materials (absolutely NO extra charges for textbooks etc.)
  • Unlimited teacher support
  • Unlimited assignment re-submissions (there is NO pass/fail, we will keep working with you until you have your certificate in hand)
  • Fully organised practicum that is completely compliant with NEAS standards
  • Beautifully printed certificate* posted to your address (we will repost if it gets lost in the mail)
  • Job support*

Payment options

For those finding it difficult to pay the full amount upfront we have a 2-part payment option. You only need to pay $1,500 upfront to get access to your course and begin studying. You will then need to pay the remainder of your fee before beginning your practicum.


Recognition of Prior Learning - $300 discount!

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) leverages your previous studies/qualifications and experience to give you a reduced study load and a $300 discount! You will need to determine whether your particular qualifications and/or experience are applicable by taking our complimentary RPL assessment. You will get your results within 48hrs. All you need to do is email your resume to info@tesolau.com with “RPL assessment (Cert IV)” in the subject line.


To keep the prices of our courses to a minimum, we rely on word of mouth, rather than using other, more expensive types of advertising. So we have created a referral program that benefits our students as much as it does us! Referrals are a great way to reduce your course price or even earn a little extra money. We will give you $100 off your course for every person you introduce, who pays and starts their course. We will also give each of the people you refer $100 off their course, to help you incentivise them. If you have already completed your course payment, we will send the money to your nominated bank account. If you are the kind of person that loves to tell your friends about great products and services you find, we hope this will give you a nice incentive while helping those you care about save!


This course is Austudy approved for 35 weeks, full time study. This means that, if Centrelink determines you are eligible, you can receive fortnightly payments for studying this course. Please contact Centrelink to determine eligibility and payment amounts.

The steps for receiving Centerlink payments for this course are:

  • Determine your eligibility online here: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/austudy&lt or Call: 132 490. When determining eligibility please quote RTO number: 31884 - Global Training Services Pty Ltd. (our partners in offering the Cert IV in TESOL)
  • Purchase your course
  • Request a COE letter from your trainer
  • Put in your Austudy claim through Centerlink and give them your COE letter.

Government funding

We would love to be able to offer Government funding/subsidisation for this course. However, the government doesn’t offer this for Certificate IV courses.

Course delivery and timing

Online correspondence

Our courses are offered via online correspondence.

This means:

  • One-on- one training with a fully qualified TESOL professional
  • Studying in the comfort of your own home or chosen location
  • No set start dates or intakes, start whenever you want!
  • Self-paced study (link to course duration/pace), take as little or as much time as you need to complete your course.

In class?

We started out training courses in-class. However, we found that students mainly wanted to study in-class to have access to a trainer that could answer their questions and guide them along the way, to becoming a great TESOL teacher.

So we have developed a unique way to give students access to a fully qualified TESOL professional trainer, while also having full one-on- one attention (without having to share them with a class room) in the comfort of their own home via online correspondence.

This means we don’t have traditional in-class sessions anymore; however, we believe this gives you the very best of all worlds and a much lower course price too!

How our unique online learning platform works:

This course is completed through our learning portal. You can access your course 24/7 and are supported in your studies with a fully qualified trainer answering your questions via the messaging app.

In addition, you will have video tutorials demonstrating how to complete each task.

Marking is completed with feedback within 48 hrs. And, you never have to wait for marking to continue as you can go on and work on other tasks in your course.

Resources include:

  • In-depth training videos
  • Live interactive webinars
  • Full-time trainer support
  • Self-paced assignments
  • Instant quiz feedback

For a closer look, please see the video demonstration at the top of the page.

Why we think this is superior

We don’t care much for the pass/fail mentality of a lot of education providers. Let’s say you pass a test at 85% are given an “A” and move on to the next subject. You still don’t know 15% of the material! What happens to that 15% gap? By the end of the course all of these gaps accumulate and you leave the course feeling confused and unprepared.

We believe in mastery and feel that you are best served by doing away with pass/fail tests and assignments and by working with your trainer to achieve 100%. This puts equal responsibility back on us as an education provider and makes the course easier and less stressful, while making you a better TESOL teacher!

Start date

Another benefit of online correspondence is that you can start whenever you wish. There are no intakes, semesters or start dates.

When you are ready to start, simply enquire with us here


We organise all of your practicum for you and ensure it is up to NEAS standards. We will organise all the students and a convenient location near you.

We are also very flexible and will accommodate any arrangements you have already made for your practicum, or if you want to organise your own we can provide the necessary documents to give to your assessor.

Job prospects

TESOL teaching will take you to and allow you to work in far more places than just about any job on the planet. There is a lot of variety in the type of work you can do once you start off as a TESOL teacher. work availability is not impacted by seasonal changes. The countries you can work in with the Cert IV in TESOL will vary depending on your additional education outside of the Cert IV.

See below for a non-exhaustive list:

Without a bachelor’s degree

  • Online (anywhere)
  • Japan (if under 30)
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Bolivia
  • Italy (Need EU passport)
  • France (Need EU Passport)
  • Spain (Need EU passport
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Yugoslavia
  • Turkey (if you have citizenship)

With a Bachelor’s degree (in any field) you can teach in all of the above countries plus the ones below:

  • Online (anywhere)
  • Australia
  • Japan (any age)
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Belize (6-12 month commitment)
  • Costa Rica (6-12 month commitment)
  • El Salvador (6-12 month commitment)
  • Guatemala (6-12 month commitment)
  • Honduras (6-12 month commitment)
  • Nicaragua (6-12 month commitment)
  • Panama (6-12 month commitment)
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Holland
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Dubai
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Morocco
  • Turkey (don’t need degree if you have citizenship)
  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • America

The certificate IV in TESOL will allow you to teach the following types of TESOL teaching:

  • All levels within General English (GE)
  • Test preparation: IELTS, TOIC etc. (although we do have an IELTS course that we recommend doing after the Certificate IV in TESOL if you want to specialise in this)
  • Business English
  • Teaching Adults
  • Teaching Children
  • Teaching online
  • Tutoring
  • Teaching in TAFE (need a bachelor degree and Certificate IV in TAE as well)
  • ESL assistant teacher in government schools (need Certificate III in Education support) (For full time work in Victoria see your local schools for more info)

Materials and content


Upon completion of this course you will receive a beautifully printed certificate sent to your chosen address. (Don’t worry we can resend it if it gets lost in the mail)
The certificate is a fully accredited Certificate IV in TESOL. It is exactly the same certificate you would receive in a class setting (no mention of online correspondence)


This course will be conducted via Skype and email correspondence.
All assessments, guidebooks and forms will be provided in Microsoft Word and pdf format. (use open office.org (free) if you don’t have Microsoft Office)
We support and use both Mac and PC computers.


Our course content was created with passion by the owner and founder of TESOL Australia who has been a TESOL teacher for over 20 years and is on the advisory board for the training package for this course.

The owner was fed up with TESOL courses that were of low quality, taught outdated lesson planning methods and didn’t prepare student for the realities of TESOL teaching.

So great care has been taken to ensure that:

  • The content meets all of ASQA’s requirements
  • The content is up to date with the modern realities of the TESOL industry
  • The content prepares you with everything you are going to need in your first few years of teaching and beyond

Volume of learning: (Nominal hours): 740

Teaching observation: 6 hours

Teaching practicum: 6 hours face – to –face with ESL/migrant students in groups of 5 or more (all practicums will be arranged by TESOL Australia upon completion of theory units)


Unit 1: CHCDIV001 – Work with diverse people

Description: This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to teach communicatively in a multi-cultural diverse environment and deal effectively with intercultural communication issues that can arise.

Unit 2: TESDDR401 - Design and develop resources for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Description: This unit covers the evaluation and adaptation of published TESOL resources and authentic materials to be used to create tasks for lesson delivery in accredited ESL/ELICOS schools both domestically and internationally.

Unit 3: TAELLN411 – Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills.

Description: This unit covers the knowledge and skills to assess the LLN needs of learners as well as, identify appropriate resources and learning strategies to provide the required support.

Unit 4: BSBIND302 – Work effectively in the international education services industry.

Description: This unit covers the knowledge and skills required to career path plan, comply with legislation related to the ESL industry and its codes of practice and plan for ongoing professional development.

Unit 5: TESPLN402 – Plan English Language Lessons

Description: This unit covers the planning of language lessons in accordance with second language acquisition theory and syllabus documents, formulating lesson aims, staging and activities that meet student needs including grammar teaching.

Unit 6: TESTCH403 – Teach English Language Lessons

Description: This unit covers the skills required to effectively teach level appropriate ESL lessons including factors such as: student motivation, Teacher Talk Time, voice, gesturing and pacing, TESOL methodology and Teaching aids. Also covered is the teaching of each of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

BSBSMB404 – Undertake small business planning.

Description: This unit covers the development of a small teaching/tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL) private business. This includes strategies for financial and marketing planning.



There are no prerequisites for this course. However, if you are a non-native English speaker we recommend that your English proficiency be around an IELTS 5.5 or an Upper Intermediate level, for you to get the most out of this course.


Student Handbook

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