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Looking for the competitive edge in overseas and Australian ESL employment? Enrol in TESOL Australia’s International TESOL Diploma and get the very best in TESOL training.

This unique diploma combines a nationally accredited Certificate IV in TESOL plus specialised units in SLA (Second Language Acquisition), TESOL Electives (Children, Adult, Business & Online) and professional IELTS training to take your English teaching skills to the next level. With this certification you will have the teaching expertise and practical teaching experience to be a highly skilled and experienced ESL/IELTS teacher overseas.

Additionally, by learning how to prepare ESL students for the IELTS test you increase your employability and earning potential as millions of ESL students worldwide undertake the IELTS yearly as evidence of English language proficiency (over 2.5 million tests were taken globally, last year alone).

This diploma includes a 16hr teaching practicum (provided), as well as, professional advice on starting your own teaching/tutoring business online & in-class. Our International TESOL Diploma curriculum equips you to successfully teach English as a second language in a wide range of fields.

Course Curriculum: 10 Units
Nominal Study Hours: 600 hours
Teaching Practicum: 16 Hours
Price: $2,675
Qualifications awarded: Certificate IV in TESOL | International TESOL Diploma | IELTS Teaching Certificate (Full 120hr Certificate)

Unit descriptors:

Unit 1 (Certificate IV in TESOL AABBM - Nationally Accredited): Plan an integrated lesson using communicative language teaching methodology.

  • This unit introduces TESOL methodology and lesson planning for communicative language teaching.
Unit 2 (Certificate IV in TESOL AABBK - Nationally Accredited): Design and develop an ESL learning framework.

  • This unit focuses on ESL learners, characteristics, needs as well as, the learning environment in order to develop resources and evaluate their effectiveness.
Unit 3 (Certificate IV in TESOL AABBG - Nationally Accredited): Demonstrate understanding of the basic terminology of traditional grammar.

  • This unit introduces traditional grammar terminology that is taught in ESL classrooms as well as key parts of speech that are incorporated in ESL course books. This unit involves researching online and creating a basic grammar glossary.
Unit 4 (Certificate IV in TESOL AABBL - Nationally Accredited): Identify and use basic grammatical concepts and traditional metalanguage.

  • This unit teaches the use of ESL grammar metalanguage as used in the ESL classroom with the aid of Teacher Talk (TT) in accordance with the 6 ESL language levels.
Unit 5 (Certificate IV in TESOL AABBH - Nationally Accredited): Design and deliver an ESL teaching program.

  • This unit focuses on socio-cultural factors in the multi-cultural ESL classroom while teaching the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills developed into a teaching program of study.
Unit 6 Second Language Acquisition (SLA): Introduction to the TESOL Industry, Second Language Acquisition, History of the English language.

  • Overviews the TESOL industry sectors and the learners for a global view of employment and ESL teaching.
  • Introduces Second Language Acquisition and the mental processes involved in learning a second language to provide ESL teachers with the tools and skills necessary for communication.
  • Overviews the history of the English language and its evolution over time that has made it the Global language it is today.
Unit 7 Teaching Electives: Compulsory ESL Teaching Electives.

    • Teaching Children
    • Teaching Adults
    • Teaching Business English
    • Teaching Online
Unit 8 Study Tour Teaching: Success in the Study Tour industry.

    • Introduction
    • Profile of a Study Tour teacher
    • Learner Description
    • Expectations
    • Specialised curriculum
    • Presenation & Delivery of lessons
    • Classroom management
    • How to find work
Unit 9 Home Stay Hosting: Success in the Home Stay Hosting industry.

    • Introduction (Children & Adults)
    • Benefits
    • What you need to provide
    • Considerations
    • Making the most of the opportunity
    • How to expand benefits
    • How to find home stays
Unit 10 IELTS Teaching Certificate Full 120 hour Certificate (10hrs practicum).

  • This unit takes the teaching knowledge and skills learned in TESOL training to the next level with in-depth training in analyzing speaking and writing according to the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) criteria and bandscores. Additionally, training is given in developing and marketing an IELTS teaching business. It also includes 10 hours practicum in total.

How is the International TESOL Diploma completed?

You will be assigned your own fully qualified, experienced TESOL trainer to give you specific one on one training sessions, facilitate your teaching practicum sessions and give you support (via Skype 10am – 10pm).

As you begin each of the 10 Units, your trainer will arrange a Skype session to explain, demonstrate and give you training on how to complete each of the Unit tasks. You have the option to email in each task to be checked, or to email the completed Unit for marking. There is no cut-off point for marking; we are here to help you achieve your academic goals.

No need to attend any in-class sessions, this course can be fully completed online. However, if you would like to attend an in-class session in your city, you can at no extra charge.

Job Opportunities:

Bachelor's Degree Teaching Options: Additional Non-Degree Teaching Options:
  • Nationally Accredited (ELICOS) ESL Schools
  • Universities
  • TAFE
  • Migrant ESL
  • International Language Schools
  • Non-Accredited Australian ESL Schools
  • Relief / Casual Teaching
  • Private Tutoring
  • Online Teaching
  • Study Tours
  • IELTS Preparation Classes
  • Start your own Teaching / Tutoring Business

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