Diploma in TESOL 10318NAT

Looking for the competitive edge in overseas and Australian ESL employment? Enrol in TESOL Australia’s Diploma in TESOL 10318NAT and get the very best in TESOL training. This nationally accredited Diploma includes a 16hr teaching practicum (provided). Our Diploma in TESOL 10318NAT curriculum not only equips you to successfully teach English as a second language in a wide range of fields, but also teaches you to perform duties above that of a regular teacher as a course designer.

Gain a direct Pathway, with 2 credits against Masters of Education (TESOL). Learn to take your skills to the next level as a teacher to teach EAP, English for Language proficiency or English for Specific purposes. Perform duties above that of a regular teacher by learning how to:

  • Teach above the regular Cert IV level.
  • Creating and designing your own courses
  • Create your own proficiency tools.

Become more employable by creating tests and designing and running your own full ESL programs.

Course Curriculum: 18 Units
Nominal Study Hours: 980 hours
Teaching Practicum: 10 hours teaching 6 hours observation
Price: $5,975
Qualification awarded: Diploma in TESOL 10318NAT

Unit Descriptors:

Unit 1-13 Cert IV in TESOL 10317NAT
Unit 14 TESAMT501A – Apply Approaches and Methods in TESOL

This unit covers in-depth the approaches and language acquisition involved in teaching ESL.

Unit 15 TESAEL502A – Assess ESL Learning

This unit covers the assessment process in language proficiency and measuring student progress.

Unit 16 TESDES502A – Design ESL Syllabus

This unit covers the design of a program of study in the ESL classroom.

Unit 17 TESEAP502A – Teach English for Academic Purposes

This unit covers the language micro-skills practiced in teaching English for further studies.

Unit 18 TESESP502A – Teach English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

This unit covers the field of ESP and designing studies for a specialized field of ESL.


How is the Diploma in TESOL 10318NAT completed?

You will be assigned your own fully qualified, experienced TESOL trainer to give you specific one on one training sessions, facilitate your teaching practicum sessions and give you support (via Skype 10am – 10pm).

As you begin each of the 18 Units, your trainer will arrange a Skype session to explain, demonstrate and give you training on how to complete each of the Unit tasks. You have the option to email in each task to be checked, or to email the completed Unit for marking. There is no cut-off point for marking; we are here to help you achieve your academic goals.

No need to attend any in-class sessions, this course can be fully completed online. However, if you would like to attend an in-class session in your city, you can at no extra charge.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates with existing Qualifications or Experience Graduates with no existing Qualifications or experience:
In addition to the above outcomes, a graduate who already has a Tertiary Level degree and then also completes the Diploma in TESOL may find employment for the provision of teaching English as a second language in a wider range of capacities including the following:

  • Teaching English at a National ELT (English Language Teaching) Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) accredited training centre in Australia (see below Vocational Outcomes within Australia for more information)
  • Developing English language programs, especially in conjunction with teaching, at an Australian or overseas language school
  • Acting in a supervisory capacity at an Australian language school
  • Teaching in overseas institutions in higher level positions where a university degree is required or preferred in addition to a TESOL qualification

Some potential employment opportunities involving the delivery of accredited English Courses in Australia may only be possible where the graduate also holds a Vocational Education teaching qualification such as the Certificate IV in Training and Education (TAE40110) - or equivalent.

Graduates who complete the Diploma and do not have any previous qualifications (in any area of training/education) or experience may find employment for the provision of teaching English as a second language in a variety of capacities including the following:

  • Teaching and/or coordinating English programs to groups of students visiting Australia on short to medium term study or English focus tours
  • Teaching a variety of English language programs in Australian language schools where a higher education degree is not required
  • Teaching migrants for the development of general English skills
  • Developing English language programs for individual or small groups of overseas students on a tutorial basis (to support existing studies, e.g. at University level)
  • Developing English language programs and/or teaching in overseas institutions not governed by Australian standards


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